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Shoot at Our Studio

Spacious Multi-Set Studio in DTLA


Modular Sets

Our studio is carefully crafted to support a wide range of content types, featuring versatile sets that convincingly mimic outdoor scenes. Boasting a distinctive urban flair and high-end imitation indoor spaces, our studio seamlessly adapts to meet the specific demands of your production.


Build a custom set

Our studio excels in creating custom-built sets specifically designed for your production needs. Whether it's for a video or photo shoots, our sets are constructed to enhance storytelling, providing a dynamic and authentic backdrop that meets the exacting demands of production. professionals. 




Productivity meets Convenience

  • Three 8x8 movable walls, each offering a distinct aesthetic on either side.

  • A vintage living room setup.

  • A dedicated podcasting space.

  • Two sets of sports bleachers.

  • An LED display wall.

  • A city alleyway scene.

  • A cozy café environment.

  • A hair and makeup area.

  • A private dressing room.

  • A contemporary, minimalist bedroom design.

  • Seamless paper backdrop area

  • High ceilings measuring 13 feet.

  • On-site restrooms.

  • Mobile air conditioning unit, evaporative cooler, and box fans.

  • Loading dock with freight elevator

  • Director's monitors and TVs to comfortably monitor productions

  • Ton of mounting points to keep production running smooth

  • Fast Wi-Fi

  • Tons of parking

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