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At SOME Company, we specialize in transforming digital media production with our unique approach to Storytelling, Originality, Memorable content, and Experiences that connect. Our goal is to convert anyone with a vision into an unforgettable presence, making every brand we work with stand out. We're dedicated to elevating your brand to new heights, crafting impactful visual legacies, and ensuring you shine 'Somewhere' extraordinary, one frame at a time.

About Us

Welcome to Some Company Inc, where we take pride in being the architects of unforgettable moments through the artistry of cinematography and stills. Our mission is as simple as it is powerful: to elevate your brand with captivating visuals that not only resonate but also drive sales. Guided by creativity and fueled by innovation, we go beyond the ordinary to craft narratives that ignite inspiration and immortalize memories. Situated in the vibrant landscape of Los Angeles, our roots are firmly planted in the heart of the entertainment capital.

Founded by Androu De Vera, a visionary filmmaker who embarked on a journey from Chicago to LA eight years ago to pursue his passion. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Androu brings a wealth of knowledge and a relentless pursuit of excellence to every project. So, why settle for just some visuals when you can have extraordinary ones? Join us on this cinematic journey where creativity knows no bounds, and innovation is the driving force. Welcome to Some Company Inc. – where every frame tells some part of an exceptional story.



Androu De Vera

Owner/CEO, Some Company Inc.

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